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How To Sell A House As Is In The SF Bay Area

Can I Sell A House As Is In the Bay Area? Here Are 5 Tips To Sell A House As Is In The SF  Bay Area Selling a home that needs repairs in the Bay Area can be challenging to say the least. You may need to replace the carpet, replace broken appliances, update old fixtures, paint … Continued

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Calculating the True Value of Your House in The Bay Area

Certainly, paying a professional to conduct an appraisal is the best way to go about calculating the true value of your house in the Bay Area. But you may not be at that point yet, and so the expense wouldn’t be justified. Maybe you’re just now in the early stages of thinking about selling your … Continued

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Sell Your House With An Agent, (FSBO) Or To A Real Estate Investor?

Pros, cons, costs, and timeline of each option So, you need to sell your house. Selling in a market like today’s can sometimes be stressful and time consuming. With so many other houses on the market it gives buyers out there more choices… and often times sellers can wait 3, 6, 12+ months to sell … Continued